The Cre8ucate Centre
1 & 2 St Leonards Close,
WV16 4EJ 


Email: reception@cre8ucate.co.uk

Telephone: 01746 219 285


The Cre8ucate Centre is located in St Leonards Close in Bridgnorth, Shropshire and is conveniently situated just off the high street. The Centre is the first two buildings on the right facing the Church as you come into St Leonards Close itself.

From Whitburn Street in Bridgnorth go straight over the High Street and up Church Street towards St Leonards Church. 1 and 2 St Leonards Close can be found directly at the top of this street on your right as you enter St Leonards Close. The red marker on the map below marks the Cre8ucate Centre.



There is no suitable parking in the Close but there is plenty of parking nearby as you can see from the map below.