(Computer Skills) Word Processing the Basics

Word Processing the Basics

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Quick Overview

Word Processing software allows us to create a huge library of  documents and is embedded in many people’s lives whether they think of it as word processing or not.

It presents information and your own ideas in a professional, readable and well laid out document to use either professionally or personally. From notes to a friend, multi-chapter work documents to the start of a novel - learning how to use the features of Microsoft Word will hugely enhance your life on the computer.

This workshop will teach you all the basics of this invaluable software in a task-based way so that you get a solid grounding that fixes in your mind.This workshop gives you a solid grounding of all the basics using task-based learning to fix it into your mind.

Date: April 2017 

Time: TBC

Workshop Leader: Paul Woolley

Location:  The Cre8ucate Centre, 1 & 2 St Leonards Close, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV16 4EJ

For more information or to book email: reception@cre8ucate.co.uk

You will receive a Completion Certificate from
The Cre8ucate Centre on successfully finishing this course.

About Paul Woolley

Paul has over 30 years experience in
running his own computer consultancy business and leading courses and
workshops in IT. He has worked
extensively in designing  technology for children with special educational needs. He also has considerable experience in
designing programs and technology for use in the manufacturing and retail