(Workshop) The Joy of Sceptics - Contagious Commitment

The Joy of Sceptics - Contagious Commitment at Work

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Quick Overview

There is a fine (but important) line to be drawn between scepticism and cynicism. Typically, a sceptic will doubt.  He or she will be inclined to challenge accepted beliefs and will be quick to spot hypocrisy and inconsistency. Those can be a really valuable organisational asset...even though it is hard to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

While most of us would like ‘enthusiastic agreement’, or even ‘wholesale commitment’, we are inclined to settle for ‘quiet

What we fear is ‘grudging compliance’, ‘covert disagreement’ or, ‘active sabotage’ and even if we don’t see any immediate or obvious signs of mutiny, we need to know how to avoid turning sceptics into cynics.

In this workshop we will explore:

  • The 3 laws of stored resentment

  • How to value and co-opt the sceptic

  • Your role in spreading commitment and rewarding helpfully disrupting

This workshop will be written and delivered by Tim Kemp (MA MBA Chartered FCIPD).

The event price includes a lunch which will conicide with the lunch and arrival of the participants for the afternoon workshop providing an opportunity to network or simply to meet like minded individuals.


Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Location: The Cre8ucate Centre, 1 & 2 St Leonards Close, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV16 4EJ

We would love to see you at what promises to be a very exciting and brain expanding workshop given by an internationally renowned and very entertaining speaker. Please carry on reading below for a little bit about Tim and some testimonials about him.

Tickets for all events are limited so please try to secure your place as soon as you can to ensure you are not disappointed. To book email us at reception@cre8ucate.co.uk with the name of the event/s you would like to have a place at and we will email you back with a booking confirmation and any information you require.

About Tim

Tim lives in Shropshire but has over 30 years’ international experience  working as a facilitator, consultant and learning advisor to a wide range of companies and organisations, including The Economist, McKinsey, Microsoft, Allianz, GE, Alstom,
The United Nations, Nokia, Reuters, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, The Council of Europe, the UK Ministry of Defence, and a dozen Local Authorities.

He is an occasional  blogger and author of several books and articles on topics related to management and people skills.  His website address is www.timkemp.co.uk .

Some Testimonials about Tim

I have been delighted to work with Tim over the past few years as he is one of the best trainer/facilitator for the 'soft skills' needed by project managers I have come across in my career. Very personable, very reliable, good value for money but most importantly he has a great depth of expertise and a flexible style. His sessions are a joy.
Pauline Stewart-Long - Project Management Consultant - Enabling People : Enabling Projects

Working with Tim is really easy, he combines expert knowledge with creativity and a fantastic sense of fun which leads to challenging and yet incredibly enjoyable learning. Pragmatically, he also hits the mark both in terms of value for money and also tight timeframes.

Graham Vale - Civil Service Learning

I have met Tim during my time at GSK R&D Project Management.
I have always found in Tim the ability to analyze difficult situations and making them simple enough to be taken forward and become successful. He has a very deep understanding and knowledge of the Team working and he has helped us (Global Project Management Leadership Team) in putting in concrete all the ideas that were flying in our mind in a "no so structured way". I have always appreciated enormously the webinars that he has offered periodically to us...pills of concreteness and wisdom. Bottom line is that Tim is an indisputable added value for an organization that want to improve, grow and/or change.

Emanuela Cavicchini - Independant Professional Project and Portfolio Management, including efficiency through the matrix implementation

Tim Is a very experienced HR consultant and trainer with a wide range knowledge and expertise. He has been a valable advisor for various projects and as a trainer his courses encounter large success and are evaluated positively by participants. He has the talent to give 150% attention and positive energy and Is able to propose pragmatic feasible solutions even in complex systems.

Vanessa Meister - Head of Learning and Development Unit at the Council of Europe.

Tim is probably the best facilitator I have worked with - in a series of coaching events his creativity and ability to respond to the direction of discussion with an incredibly pertinent learning point was inspiring. His Rockpool seminars are invariably thought-provoking and engaging as well as being delivered with such a laidback style that they are a pleasure to listen to. I would recommend Tim's work unhesitatingly.

Tim Harris - Associate at Volt Pharma Associates

I have worked over and over again with Tim to deliver learning solutions to GSK R&D and develop leadership in the Company. He is a high energy and highly energizing individual, great fun to work with. He works very closely with the client to make sure that objectives are reached. Participants in his workshops have great fun and at the same time get great value from the time spent with Tim in the class: they practice new skills, reflect deeply on their current behaviour and are inspired to do more and better. In his very easy going way, Tim is a deep well of knowledge on organizational and individual development and shares his wisdom freely with learners and colleagues.

Daniela Anderluzzi - Business Personal and Team Coach - Making Change Happen