(Workshop) Engagement at Work - What we can learn from gaming

Engagement at Work - What we can learn from gaming

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Quick Overview

 We all know that some computer games are very hard to put down. They grip us and hold our attention  and make us keen  to come back for more. Even if we are not successful.

In 2011, Rovio’s chief  executive claimed that Angry Birds players were spending 200 million minutes playing the game every day.

That is an extraordinary commitment of people’s discretionary time. So what does this tell us about motivation and engagement?

In this workshop we will explore why our brains love games  and what it means for engagement at work. We will look at what  neuroscience says about the things that drive us on to take risks, to make bold decisions, to stay focussed and to collaborate...as well as make us want to hide under the desk. The workshop will cover:


  • Some input around gaming and motivation

  • An activity for the whole group

  • Some input on the brain and what drives our engagement

  • An opportunity to apply the theory to work

  • An opportunity to take some action using practical ‘tips and techniques’

  • A chance for questions and answers

 This workshop will be written and delivered by Tim Kemp (MA MBA Chartered FCIPD).

The event price includes a lunch which will coincide with the lunch of the participants for the morning workshop providing an opportunity to network or simply to meet like minded individuals.

Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Location: The Cre8ucate Centre, 1 & 2 St Leonards Close, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV16 4EJ

 We would love to see you at what promises to be a very exciting and brain expanding workshop given by an internationally renowned and very entertaining speaker. Please carry on reading below for a little bit about Tim and s