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Cre8ucate LightbulbThe Cre8ucate Centre is based in the beautiful market town of Bridgnorth in Shropshire and provides individuals and businesses with training, personal development and an opportunity to learn new skills or refresh forgotten ones. 


The centre aims to source and put on high quality courses, workshops and talks in topics as varied as computer skills to crochet or jewellery making and from high level leadership and management training to computer coding for beginners. We work closely with a carefully chosen group of course leaders and speakers to ensure that the courses, workshops and talks are rewarding and provide essential learning and skills whilst also being enjoyable.


On the 19th October 2016 Tim Kemp delivered a taster workshop on dealing with challenging conversations. It went fantastically well and the feedback he received from it has been phenomenal! Here are just some of the comments we received from participants after the workshop:


It was an absolute pure joy. You never know what to expect. I loved the evening. The content. The people. The food was delicious. It felt like I was at a gathering of old friends in a business context. Quite an art to create such an environment! I will certainly spread the word. To know there is this type of relevant training on our doorstep has certainly informed me. " - Rob Beardall


We have met many trainers/coaches and we both thought Tim was exceptional.



It was a fantastic event, full of interesting people, who I would largely regard as experienced in the business world, but non the less everyone seemed to relate and have their own experience and takes on what was being discussed. The ‘taster’ was brilliant, it certainly makes you think and if the courses are delivered like that then everyone who participates will really enjoy them. I think the topics that you have decided on are spot on.
Mark Hammond


Tim is leading a series of workshops and seminars at Cre8ucate starting in Winter 2016 through to Late Spring 2017, all based around leadership and management topics. They are perfect for businesses and interested individuals to both keep you abreast of the latest thinking in these subjects but also to make you think and improve your business or personal skills. More information about all the workshops and seminars can be found on this website under the Courses and Events heading.


The Cre8ucate Centre officially opened on the 18th March 2016 where we were delighted to welcome our local MP Philip Dunne, the Minister of State for Defence Procurement; The Mayor of Bridgnorth Councillor David Cooper; Bridgnorth and Shropshire Councillors; local residents and business people to witness the unveiling of a plaque by Mr Dunne.


 Philip Dunne MP, opening the Cre8ucate Centre with Paul and Hilary Woolley From Cre8ucate

 Philip Dunne MP, Minister of State for Defence Procurement officially opening

 the Centre with Hilary and Paul Woolley from Cre8ucate.


 The Mayor of Bridgnorth Councillor David Cooper with The Cre8ucate Team

 The Mayor of Bridgnorth, Councillor David Cooper with the Cre8ucate Team

 (from Left: Paul Woolley, Becky Woolley, Hilary Woolley and Matthew Woolley)






Upcoming Courses ....

    This Winter and Early Spring we are delighted to have developed a series of engaging seminars, workshops and webinars designed to keep business people abreast of the latest thinking in leadership, management and people skills. Cost effective and tailored to reflect local needs and interests, Cre8ucate is offering topics in a range of formats. These events will be designed and delivered by internationally renowned speaker and facilitator Tim Kemp (MA MBA Chartered FCIPD).

        Half Day Workshops
                        - (With lunch included) for people wanting to learn and rehearse practical people and leadership skills. 


                  • Dealing with Difficult Conversations


                                    • Engagement at Work - What we can learn from gaming


                                    • The Joy of Sceptics - Contagious Commitment


                                    • Presenting Your Ideas Effectively


                                    • Working in Multi-generational Teams


                                    • Creating a More Innovative Workplace


        Seminars - (Late afternoon with a glass of wine or juice) For leaders and professionals wanting some engaging discussions on stimulating topics.


                                    • Improving Gender Dynamics at Work


                                    • The Joy of Sceptics


                                    • Tackling Poor Performance at Work


                                    • Not Effective? - Perhaps you are too efficient!


                                    • What Makes Millennials Tick?


                                    • What Your Daughter's Career Advisor Probably Forgot to Mention


                                    • People Management Trends Your Business Should Know About


        Webinars - This set of 3 special webinars are only available as a special bonus to the people who sign up to all of the evening seminar events. These are for individuals or teams of any sort that want some practical content to enhance their own development and professional practice. They all relate to the "team" concept of a business and how you can make the most of and improve this most valuable resource. These webinars are brilliant for improving your business as a whole and shouldn't be missed.


                                    • How to Run Your Own Team Building Event
                                    • Running More Engaging Team Meetings
                                    • 7 Elements of an Effective Team


        Feedback and Questions ....

        If you would like some advice about whether a course or workshop will cover what you need or would like to give us some feedback about a course you have attended then please contact us at customerservices@cre8ucate.co.uk .



        Future Courses, Workshops and Talks

        New courses are being added all the time - sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed as soon as these are added.